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[Everything doTERRA] Re: doTERRA comparison with other oil brands

Hi Daniel,

I think that there's a webinar on about a doctor
who didn't believe in essential oils who got blood tests done with
balance. The second story was about the blood work technician who was
sick, used essential oils and did a before and after with essential

What got me to believe doTerra is that these products come with
stories. Stories of how a woman with cysts did a certain protocol and
after three weeks, the doctors didn't know why she came into a
hospital. A man in the critical intensive unit had inflammation of
the brain and the doctors couldn't do much about it- they didn't know
whether he would live or die, and a friend brought frankincense to the
family and instructed them to put it on the bottom of the feet and he
was better in three days. A man who had diabetes and was under
doctor's care to try to lower his blood sugar level down from 180 was
able to do it with diet and a protocol using oils within 3 weeks.
They're used in hospitals in Texas. And a naturopath who never used
essential oils, because they never worked, started with doTerra
because this has results. They use it in hospitals in New Jersey and
were able to fight off superbacteria that would keep people ill for
weeks. And so much more.

I use a modified script from that
explains how they get plants from where it's indigenous. When it's
transplanted and harvested, it loses the constituents and the potency.
They go through telling people how to harvest and when to harvest.

Before joining doTerra, I made sure that they would never use child
labor or slave labor and would pay people fair wages, because that's
important to me. Plus they test once there at the site and here in
this country. So, when I add all of that up, it makes sense that it
costs a bit more.

I've heard about essential oils for years and years, I grew up in
California, but what I never had were :
1) the accessibility of understanding them, through the classes, the
Modern Essentials book, and the classes on doTerra, and
2) the actual stories that this mode of medicine is powerful.

I've heard that it's the stories and experiencing the oils sell.

Hope this help.

On Sep 8, 9:02 am, DanielH <> wrote:
> Hi
> A quick question to see if anyone can point me in the direction of
> some good info... otherwise, I'll add this to the list of queries I
> will be sending to the doterra service team =)
> doTERRA oils are expensive - some very! When you say I sell this oil
> for £25, and the potential customer says, I can get the same amount
> for £10, you have to then be able to substantiate the high price.
> It's easy to say, "our oils are higher quality", but where is the
> proof? And no, they are unlikely to buy your more expensive oil just
> to 'test the claim'.
> What I'm looking for then is a comparison of the products e.g. a
> doterra oil vs a typical competitor brand oil.  Preferably to be able
> to show the ingredients of the oil to somehow indicate that doterra
> oils are purer (since doterra say that their competitors use
> 'fillers').
> Is there any way to achieve this?
> Thanks

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